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10 profiles you should hire to create a creative corporate culture

Did you know that innovation and creativity can be much funnier than most people think it is? In the “Ten Faces of Innovation ” book, Tom Kelley – IDEO – makes creative corporate culture thinking and innovation sound like an exciting moment. In his book, Tom Kelley convinces us that we should develop a corporate culture where people […]

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Deconstructing Transformational Change : A Guide for the Workplace

Deconstructing Transformational Change: A Guide for the Workplace Transformational change is the hardest, slowest and most important kind of change. Usually, this is also the kind of change an organization needs to have some long-lasting effect. But first of all let me explain you the 3 different types of changes that are existing: Different types […]

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Why You Should Shift to Open Innovation

Why You Should Shift to Open Innovation Innovation is the buzz word of the business world, but I think very few people understand what it really is. It’s easy to say it’s about creating value, generating ideas, gathering and interpreting data, making decisions, implementing actions and getting a burst of inspiration. When you look at […]

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Understanding the Art of Innovation

Understanding the Art of Innovation When I meet people active in the sector of the art of innovation, I always find that innovation in itself is hard to understand because of the multiple working approaches that are coexisting. Being in this business myself, I often wonder why, how and what I’m doing. What is innovation […]

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How Organizational Design Can Help Improve Your Corporate Culture

How Organizational Design Can Help Improve Your Corporate Culture When I coach entrepreneurs I always ask two questions: what is your business model and how do you layout your organizational design?. This helps me to better understand the dynamics of their organisation and their workforce. But first, I described them what an organizational design is. Organization design is […]

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