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11 useful Tricks to Improve Your Creative Thinking

In this very competitive society we live in, the need for creative thinking is now more in demand more than ever. Both the corporate and organizational landscape require creativity from their staff and employees, may it be to come up with superbly packaged products, enticing marketing campaigns, innovation breakthroughs or as trivial as solving daily […]

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Questons And Strategy Solutions

Deconstructing Transformational Change : A Guide for the Workplace

Deconstructing Transformational Change: A Guide for the Workplace Transformational change is the hardest, slowest and most important kind of change. Usually, this is also the kind of change an organization needs to have some long-lasting effect. But first of all let me explain you the 3 different types of changes that are existing: Different types […]

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Highway Signpost "Open Innovation"

Why You Should Shift to Open Innovation

Why You Should Shift to Open Innovation Innovation is the buzz word of the business world, but I think very few people understand what it really is. It’s easy to say it’s about creating value, generating ideas, gathering and interpreting data, making decisions, implementing actions and getting a burst of inspiration. When you look at […]

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