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Don’t Mess Up Your Holidays – Convert with a Strong Corporate Storytelling!

Why would you even care about Corporate Storytelling? Why should you bother to orate a story during your business presentations? You have solid numbers and recommendations to convince any prospect, why would they care about a story anyway? If you are familiar with such remarks, this article will illuminate the underlying power of storytelling and […]

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KONTAGIOUS / How can you use Word of Mouth Marketing to stand out?

“We are storytelling creatures” – Max Richter So you want to know the secret recipe of word of mouth marketing? You are at the right place. Whatever the industry you’re in… Companies, startups, digital agencies, restaurants, barber shops… All face the same challenges: getting known, being seen, being talked about… Regardless of your business, having […]

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Corporate Storytelling – Stop selling your products, start selling your story

Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one Marilyn Monroe If you’re a telecommunications company offering the latest SMS and international phone call deals, it’s so much easier to list the package deals, what they’re offering and how much they cost. But you don’t do that. Instead, your marketing and advertising team […]

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