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Holacracy the New Organizational Governance for a Rapidly Changing World

I like to think the shift from traditional organizational governance and practices is happening because some people are getting smarter. They understand that authority and decision-making policies should be distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than at the top of a hierarchy. Today, holacracy has been adopted by numerous companies to create effective working environments where […]

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10 profiles you should hire to create a creative corporate culture

Did you know that innovation and creativity can be much funnier than most people think it is? In the “Ten Faces of Innovation ” book, Tom Kelley – IDEO – makes creative corporate culture thinking and innovation sound like an exciting moment. In his book, Tom Kelley convinces us that we should develop a corporate culture where people […]

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Organizational Culture Theory: Things to Know and How to Use it in the Workplace

Organizational Culture Theory: Things to Know and How to Use it in the Workplace Before we even begin to tackle organizational culture theory we have to understand what culture is. I think that ‘culture’ is often disregarded as something abstract and awkward. It’s a common mistake to think that culture can be disregarded; the actions […]

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Deconstructing Transformational Change : A Guide for the Workplace

Deconstructing Transformational Change: A Guide for the Workplace Transformational change is the hardest, slowest and most important kind of change. Usually, this is also the kind of change an organization needs to have some long-lasting effect. But first of all let me explain you the 3 different types of changes that are existing: Different types […]

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