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Creativity and Innovation Quote Creative Corporate culture

5 Tips We Use To Lead a Team Full of Creativity and Innovation

  Tips for Leading a Team Full of Creativity and Innovation With every single company from startups to established brands looking for creativity and innovation I think it’s equally important to look for leaders. Not just any leader, but someone who can harness the inherent passion in creative people to innovate things into concrete results […]

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Agile Method

Designing Agile Management Processes Built for Change

“Good management processes support strategy and capability of execution: agile management processes help change capabilities and other organizational features quickly when change is necessary.” – Christopher Worley, Thomas Williams and Edward Lawler Ill. By implementing the right management process, companies have always been able to satisfy their customers. However, the fast-changing business environments they currently […]

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Silicon Wadi A National Effort

Silicon Wadi : How they created their own Silicon Valley ?

Silicon Wadi: A National Effort Although people are quick to lump Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi together simply as hotspots for tech innovation, it’s ultimately a discredit to both places. Silicon Valley came about thanks to eight people who wanted a free environment to develop their ideas and run businesses how they wanted. The Israeli […]

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Questons And Strategy Solutions

Deconstructing Transformational Change : A Guide for the Workplace

Deconstructing Transformational Change: A Guide for the Workplace Transformational change is the hardest, slowest and most important kind of change. Usually, this is also the kind of change an organization needs to have some long-lasting effect. But first of all let me explain you the 3 different types of changes that are existing: Different types […]

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