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How to turn your employees into brand ambassadors ?

“Employee branding, in simple terms, means what an employee projects not only about himself but about the organisation’s culture to the outer world.” The objectives of employee branding are manifold. For some, it means the expansion of employee empowerment. For others, it could be applied to improve employee loyalty. Yet, in contrast, employee branding is […]

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Holacracy the New Organizational Governance for a Rapidly Changing World

I like to think the shift from traditional organizational governance and practices is happening because some people are getting smarter. They understand that authority and decision-making policies should be distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than at the top of a hierarchy. Today, holacracy has been adopted by numerous companies to create effective working environments where […]

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Improve Creative Organizational Behaviour

How to Improve Creative Organizational Behaviour in Your Department ? With the competitive world advancing at a menacing rate, it is important to ensure productivity and efficiency to stand at par. Whether you’re handling a governmental department, a private institution, a business or company, fostering and improving creative organizational behaviour in your department could not […]

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