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11 useful Tricks to Improve Your Creative Thinking

In this very competitive society we live in, the need for creative thinking is now more in demand more than ever. Both the corporate and organizational landscape require creativity from their staff and employees, may it be to come up with superbly packaged products, enticing marketing campaigns, innovation breakthroughs or as trivial as solving daily […]

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12 Examples of Companies with Brilliant Creative Corporate Culture [List]

If we don’t make mistakes daily, we aren’t pushing the boundary and challenging the system enough — Antonio J. Lucio Establishing a corporate culture is good, but setting up a creative corporate culture is better! I’d even state it’s crucial! The average employee considers that having a good corporate culture is as important as having a good salary. This isn’t an […]

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Corporate Culture tips

10 ways to improve Corporate Culture

Improving Corporate Culture in 10 Great Ways Culture is often defined as the way of living life. It encompasses a wide range of concepts including beliefs and the accepted norms and behaviour. If we put culture in the context of a workplace, corporate culture then reflects what your organization believes and upholds; how you work, interact […]

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How to develop a creative organizational structure to boost your company ?

As a consultant in creativity, I often get asked how organizational structure impacts company innovation, performance and employee retention. Because so many companies think that organizational structure simply defines how a company is laid out, several organizations find themselves in disarray, creating poor culture in the workplace. We should realize that the organizational structure dictates […]

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The Best Royalty-Free Images Libraries on Earth to Build Your Corporate Identity [List]

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls — Pablo Picasso Images allow companies to tell their stories visually, enhance the content they share and build their corporate identity.  Finding those images can really be challenging. Hopefully,  there are online royalty-free images libraries with thousand of images at your disposal and for free […]

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Holacracy the New Organizational Governance for a Rapidly Changing World

I like to think the shift from traditional organizational governance and practices is happening because some people are getting smarter. They understand that authority and decision-making policies should be distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than at the top of a hierarchy. Today, holacracy has been adopted by numerous companies to create effective working environments where […]

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10 profiles you should hire to create a creative corporate culture

Did you know that innovation and creativity can be much funnier than most people think it is? In the “Ten Faces of Innovation ” book, Tom Kelley – IDEO – makes creative corporate culture thinking and innovation sound like an exciting moment. In his book, Tom Kelley convinces us that we should develop a corporate culture where people […]

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