Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence 2017 and The 7 Most Trendy Chatbots

 Valérie Maus de Rolley – Digital Content Marketing Specialist @ World of Digits   Since the birth of the first chatbot ELIZA, a natural language processing computer program,  developed in 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum, the artificial intelligence industry underwent a thoroughful evolution. Discover 7 trendy chatbots that will undoubtedly mark the year 2017. […]

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Creativity and Innovation Quote Creative Corporate culture

5 Tips We Use To Lead a Team Full of Creativity and Innovation

  Tips for Leading a Team Full of Creativity and Innovation With every single company from startups to established brands looking for creativity and innovation I think it’s equally important to look for leaders. Not just any leader, but someone who can harness the inherent passion in creative people to innovate things into concrete results […]

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corporate storytelling

Don’t Mess Up Your Holidays – Convert with a Strong Corporate Storytelling!

Why would you even care about Corporate Storytelling? Why should you bother to orate a story during your business presentations? You have solid numbers and recommendations to convince any prospect, why would they care about a story anyway? If you are familiar with such remarks, this article will illuminate the underlying power of storytelling and […]

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Content Marketing in the Lean way

Lean Thinking applied to your Content Marketing in 6 Steps

The term Lean is derived from Lean production, a scientific method of eliminating waste within a manufacturing system. However, “thinking Lean” has strategic advantages in the field of Content Marketing too and can easily be applied in 6 steps. Why Lean Content Marketing? According to the annual Content Marketing Institute’s survey on the current state […]

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What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Used in a Marketing Department?

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small” – Sun Tzu Even more marketing employees and teams need to work faster and faster leading them to provide results outside of their usual working hours. This more-faster approach however does not yield positive results and leads to a […]

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Why Agile Marketing

Why Is Agile Marketing Necessary for Organizations?

In today’s world, in which users decide whether they are interested in a specific web page in a few seconds, it is quite important to use both data and analytics to continuously provide audience-focused resources. Companies therefore have to quickly test, evaluate the results of these tests and then rapidly iterate in order to provide […]

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Digital Transformation Strategy NYT

The New York Times’ Successful Digital Transformation Strategy in 4 Points

As traditional print readership remains on the decline, publishers are struggling to adapt to the increasingly fragmented digital media landscape and implement their transformation. Major legacy players such as the New York Times (NYT) have begun to see the need to drastically change their subscription and ad models to remain profitable during this massive cultural […]

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