How to develop a creative organizational structure to boost your company ?

  How to develop a creative organizational structure to boost your company ? As a consultant in creativity, I often get asked how organizational structure impacts company innovation, performance and employee retention. Because so many companies think that organizational structure simply defines how a company is laid out, several organizations find themselves in disarray, creating poor culture […]

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Master Storytellers’ Secrets to Storytelling

Master Storytellers’ Secrets to Storytelling Some people are simply great with words, but not everyone great with words are master storytellers. There is a difference between a person who can write, and a person who knows how to tell a great story.  And when you’re forced to choose between a boring albeit informative report over […]

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Holacracy the New Organizational Governance for a Rapidly Changing World

Holacracy the New Organizational Governance for a Rapidly Changing World I like to think the shift from traditional organizational governance and practices is happening because some people are getting smarter. They understand that authority and decision-making policies should be distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than at the top of a hierarchy. Today, holacracy has been […]

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The 3Ws and 1H of Content Marketing

The 3Ws and 1H of Content Marketing  The value of information – content – in marketing has shifted in focus tremendously over the years. In traditional marketing, information is central to planning, designing and carrying out marketing tactics and strategies – knowledge of the customers, information on the market, and  information about the product and […]

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Ghost Writers & Business Pitches: How to Nail It

Ghost Writers & Business Pitches: How to Nail It Writing business pitches are common nowadays for ghost writers. Business clients would usually require their writers to come up with the best business pitches that they can deliver to prospect investors. Pitches are short but concise. They are business summaries that explain everything about a business […]

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The definition of Inbound Marketing

The Definition of Inbound Marketing Gone are the days of “in your face” marketing – fliers, coupons, sales representatives calling your mobile, and emails offering the next best deal. Okay, not really over, but there’s a new kid in the block that’s becoming a favourite among customers and marketers alike. Inbound marketing has become the […]

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